hall of shame

"Rock Hill defiantly has documented gangs, every city in the country has documented gangs," said Redfearn.

Source: WBTV
Link: www.wbtv.com/story/16138756/gang-shootout-puts-home-in-the-crossfire

"Defiantly a fun race, Summerhill paused then smiled. "This was probably the closest thing to the Boulder Cup race last year at the mall. Today was a fun time."

Source: Examiner
Link: www.examiner.com/cycling-in-boulder/summerhill-wins-the-westminster-cyclocross-race-boulder-racing-4

Cyber Monday defiantly seems like the better route to take when doing holiday shopping. Black Friday is a mad house and might even result in a waste of time. Who knows if you'll even get what you went out searching for. Instead, you can sit behind your computer and find some great deals.

Source: My High School Journalism
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I understand that this is a mug's game. I'm dancing right into the jaws of consumerism, but knowing this doesn't diminish the feeling that I've taken vitamins on an empty stomach or ingested a pound of sugar. I feel queasy and excited, like I'm going to meet the queen. I feel devil-may-care in a way that is defiantly not advantageous to my budget.

Source: Morning Star Publishing
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"It's been a laugh but we are defiantly looking forward to shaving them off."

Source: St Albans Review
Link: www.stalbansreview.co.uk/news/9386280.Staff_at_St_Albans_company_grow_moustaches_for_Movember/

I hated the demo and could not understand why they would change the handling model from Hot Pursuit. Then after reading GC's review I was convinced that they had defiantly screwed up this latest instalment. However I could not let this racer go away without trying it first.

Source: Metro
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"It is defiantly a matter of time, I think time and age we live in everyone is aware it is not if a tragedy strikes it's when something happens, I think it is a mature thing to do for a church is be prepared and be able to step in and assist with trouble," says West.

Source: WSLS 10
Link: www2.wsls.com/news/2011/nov/27/pulaski-church-builds-shelter-ar-1497169/

"We defiantly had a good feeling (about making the tourney)," junior defensive specialist Elizabeth "Boo" Sweeney said. "And we are really, really, really excited."

Source: WKZO
Link: wkzo.com/news/articles/2011/nov/27/bronco-volleyball-team-makes-ncaa-tournament/

"A Christmas Carol" is an anticipated play to many people in Knoxville. For those who have experienced Clarence Brown Theater's rendition of the Dickens' classic or not, it is defiantly a show worth seeing.

Source: My High School Journalism
Link: my.hsj.org/Schools/Newspaper/tabid/100/view/frontpage/articleid/477770/newspaperid/3521/A_Christmas_Carol_at_the_Clarence_Brown_Theater.aspx

The attempt by major central banks to ease strains on Europe's credit markets definately encouraged financial markets on Wednesday, but what does the joint action actually do?

Source: Beacon Equity Research
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